Diving in Tulum, surface at Cenote Angelita

Debris in Cenote Angelita

Diver in Cenote Angelita

Hanging tree in Cenote Angelita

Hydrogen sulfide cloud in Cenote Angelita

Hydrogen Sulfide layer

Diver disappearing in the halocline

Upwards view during ascent

View during safety stop

Visual distortion of diver at the surface

Photos by Karl Schmidt

Cenote Angelita

Guided Angelita Dives: An Experience You Will Never Forget

Maya Diving has been providing guided Cenote Diving trips to Angelita since the year 2000. Come to Tulum and experience this underwater wonder of the Mayan world for yourself.

The Location

Cenote Angelita is located about 10 minutes drive south of Tulum and is surrounded by Jungle. We park in an area near the road and get all the gear ready and check that everything is in order. The excitement builds.... Your guide gives you a thorough briefing and plans the dive with feedback from the divers.
With all the gear on, we hike about 150 metres along a narrow lumpy path through the jungle and before us opens up a beautiful sight, finally it's time. We walk to the edge of a 2 metre drop and one by one take a giant stride into the deep blue.

The Dive

From the surface, you look down and all you can see is deep blue water. You all give the ok and begin your descent, at first you see nothing but blueness all round then slowly at about 18m/60ft you begin to see what looks like a strange wispy bottom appearing below with a few ghostly, bare limbed tree trunks and branches sticking out. As it becomes clearer you begin to feel the first effects of narcosis at the same time as you see an expanse of wispy fog below. At the top of the cloud you stop and look around, everything appears surreal and a spooky feeling takes over amplified by the effects of the nitrogen in your brain. Now you descend through the cloud, for a minute you can't see anything except for the brownish glow of your lights and maybe you bump into a branch or two in the murk then you are through and realize that there is a black abyss below you still, the water is very clear, but your light doesn't illuminate anything below, the beam is swallowed up in blackness. You are already at 33m/100ft and you go a little farther down and move away from the slope of the cone of debris in the middle and look up at the dim glow of light coming through the foggy layer above. Then it's time to make a nice slow ascent while exploring the nooks and crannies around the perimeter of the cenote while you spiral around on the way to the surface. After a safety stop you ascend to the surface, you can see the sky, the trees and bushes around the edge well before you break the surface and back into the real world. It all seems unreal now. Now you have to scramble up a short muddy slope with your gear on pulling yourself up with a rope, all part of the experience.
Now that was a diving adventure that you will never forget.

No special qualifications are required for cavern diving. For Angelita we only take divers with a reasonable level of experience or Advanced Open Water certification.
Dive trips for the cenotes including Angelita leave the shop at 9:15 am and 2:15 pm daily.

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