Preparing to dive in Cenote Dos Ojos

Diving in Tulum, East eye of Dos Ojos

Light beam in Cenote Dos Ojos

Clear view in Cenote Dos Ojos

Reflecting light beam

Blind cave fish in the Bat Cave

Bat Cave divers

Cool Stalactites

Bat Cave at surface

Another clear view at Dos Ojos cenote

Cenote Dos Ojos

Dive Cenote Dos Ojos: Amazing and Unforgettable

Maya Diving has been providing guided Cenote Diving trips to Dos Ojos since the year 2000. Come to Tulum and experience one of the most famous dives in the world for yourself.

The Location

Cenote Dos Ojos is located about 15 minutes drive north of Tulum and is surrounded by Jungle. Dos ojos means Two Eyes in english. We drive in through the jungle for about 10 minutes and park between what look like a couple of big holes in the ground, you're right between the eyes. Your guide gives you a thorough briefing and plans the first dive with feedback from the divers.
With all the gear on, we hike down the stairs to the East Eye and down to the platform and you can see the beautiful blue pool of water. A giant stride and you are in the clearest freshest water you can imagine. The water is a cool but comfortable 25 C or 76 F.

The Barbie Line

After a quick air and buoyancy check you descend and proceed single file to the beginning of the guide line. The first thing that impresses you is the amazing clarity of the waterand sparkling blue hue of it. At first it looks like you are heading into the mouth of a gloomy cave but once you descend a bit more and move ahead you start to see the beautiful blue halo of light ahead, meanwhile all around you are beautiful and strange formations. As the West Eye gets closer you see beams of sunlight sparkling, refracting and reflecting creating amazing light effects. It all feels a bit surreal, no current, no waves, clear water, only little freshwater fish darting around with perhaps the occasional freshwater catfish or cave dwelling blind crayfish for interest.

The Bat Cave

Starting from the East Eye again, now you head into another realm. As you follow the line you enter a tunnel like area and for a minute you have to look around to find light sources other than your lights but they are always reassuringly close. It gets darker and you come into a beautiful area with the most delicate and beautiful formations. Your guide gives the signal to surface and you come up with formations only a foot or two above your heads and when you look up you can see and hear bats in all the little crevices. A natural light beam is coming down from the roof of the cavern that you are at the edge of and the crystal clear water sparkles and reflects the light around. You descend again and skirt the edges of the cave. All along the edges there are beautiful formations. You leave the cave behind and follow another short tunnnel which joins back to your original line just before you arrive back at the East Eye again.

Now that was a diving adventure that you will never forget. Just one of the many cenote dives we can show you.

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No special qualifications are required for cavern diving. Just an Open Water Certification
Dive trips for the cenotes including Dos Ojos leave the shop at 9:15 am and 2:15 pm daily.

By maintaining the highest standards of service and safety, we ensure that you have the best experience possible.

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